Aqueous-alcoholic extracts of cloves are useful for preserving the bone cavity, mineral substances in the bone tissue, and they contribute to increasing the strength of the bone tissue in case of osteoporosis. B.J Cattle Farm is an agricultural farm that focus on raising and sales of livestock such as cattle and cows. It will interest you to know that garlic has antioxidant properties which helps maintain good blood circulation. There are no particular variety of cloves in India but in trade: a) Zanzibar b) Penang c)  Amboyna. Cloves (syzygium aromaticum) are dried and buds of flowers evergreen plants.It is a small, red-brown flower bud. Share 35. Organic compost or manures can be applied as a single dose at the onset of the monsoon season in trenches dug around the clove tree. It grows well at higher elevations, having well-distributed rainfall. Market Shares in global exports. Chicken suya is made with skinless chicken meat similar to jerky, and both meats are marinated in the spices for at least two hours to receive the full effect of the spices. Years ago he and his family would be shunned by society, banished from communal land, banned from village life and refused the right to marry anyone not from an Osu family. The spice helps to preserve bone tissue. Rainwater has published books including "The Jack Russell Terrier: Canine Companion or Demon Dog" and "How To Manage A Behavior Classroom." maize farming and processing business plan in nigeria. Retain soil moisture, remove competing weeds for better nourishment. A step by step guide of Clove cultivation. From 1839 to 1860, the quantity of exported cloves increased from 565 (1,246 pounds) to 12,600 kilograms, according to American historian Frederick Cooper. Thanks for the information, where can I get the clove seedlings? If you’re looking for a profitable agribusiness to venture into, spice farming in Nigeria is a great option to explore. Others include; cloves, negro pepper (uda), Benin pepper (uziza) and neem (Prof Iwu can verify these). The application of inorganic fertilizers @ 20 grams N(430 grams urea), 18 grams P2O5 (110 grams superphosphate), and 50 grams K2O (80 grams of Muriate of potash)/year is recommended. Cloves (kanafuru) Cloves are dried flower buds with a distinctive sweet smell and a strong pungent taste. Cloves (kanafuru) Cloves are dried flower buds with a distinctive sweet smell and a strong pungent taste. Tweet. Cloves grow best in rich loamy soils in the wet tropics and ideal soil for the commercial cultivation of clove trees. Write a Review. Herbs and Spices available from North Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Western Africa. Can be used to bake and also used in soups (pepper soup) and other savoury meat dishes. Cement bags in Nigeria come in 50kg and fortunately, the Nigerian market offers one of the cheapest deals on cement in Africa. Cloves are very effective against any kind of pain, especially the toothache. Rice Farming. Clove plants prefer partial shade. READ ALSO: Best fruits for weight loss in Nigeria. They can be purchased as whole buds or ground/powdered form. Marketed exports in 2004 included 44 tons of dried vanilla, valued at nearly $18.8 million, or 47% of agricultural exports. Mint leaf is not indigenous to Nigeria … Agriculture is the backbone of Nigeria’s socioeconomic development. Cloves may be used in treating bruises and scrapes. Dont down play Agriculture. The spice comes from a tree in the evergreen family that can grow up to more than 65 feet. Usually, Clove seeds germinate in or about 10 days to 15 days and they last for 45 days. However growing from seeds require leaving the scape to grow. IN the past seven years, Zanzibar's policy on clove farming has succeeded in curbing illegal sales and promoting distribution of seedlings to the farmers. Spice farming in Nigeria can be a Lucrative and profitable agribusiness, due partly to its vast market demands and largely on your own ability to build a wide supply chain network. After freeing seedlings from pots, they are placed vertically in the holes and planted a little deeper than they were in the pots. Different tribes in Nigeria has different names for bitter kola such as; Ibo (Igbo) call it aku-ilu or ugolo, the Isekiri call it okain, Efik call it efiari or edun, Yoruba call bitter kola orogbo, Hausa call it cida goro, Bokyi call it oje, Ejagham-Ekin call it efrie, Ibibio call it efiat while the Idoma call it igoligo. The word clove was derived from the Latin word “clavus” which means “nail.” This is because the shaft and head look so much like a nail. These herbs and spices add to traditional Nigerian dishes and are used throughout the West and North African region. Afterward, couple of side shoots is produced by the main stem and subsequently the clove plants assume the shape of a low bush of about 2-meter height and a bunch of canes suitable for peeling crop up in a period of four years. Apply 50 to 60 kg of compost or manure and bone-meal or fish meal to a bearing tree every year preferably in May to June period. The pits of 75 centimeter × 75 centimeters × 75 centimeters in size are dug at a spacing of 6 to 7meters. Spice farming in Nigeria can be a Lucrative and profitable agribusiness, due partly to its vast market demands and largely on your own ability to build a wide supply chain network. English Name: Clove Basil Local Name: Nchuawun(Igbo), Efirin(Yoruba), Daidoya (Hausa), Ntong(efik), Aramogbo (Edo) Botanical Name: Ocimum gratissimum Scent leaves is used in the preparation of foods such as pepper soup, Ofe Akwu , Yam porridge, Vegetable soups e.t.c and as the name implies, it gives a wonderful aroma to the meals it’s prepared with. Clove Soaked in Water for Infection Nigeria. It is good to know clove yield trends up to 15th year. Weeding in Clove cultivation can be carried by removing or cutting branches of full-grown clove to prevent overcrowding. Make sure the clove … by Probz(m): 9:48am On Apr 03, 2019; Mint leaves can’t be used as a substitute for nchuanwu either. 35 Shares. Even though clove plants survive without water, it’s advised to water adult plants for better yield and quality of clove. Scent leaf farming in Nigeria can earn you N200,000 months if you do it in a big way. Get Started. Cloves can also be grown in heavier red soils, but in both cases, Clove plants require good drainage for better yield and quality. Farmers sometimes remove the scape a curly green flower stalk of the hardneck garlic. Clove flower buds change over 5-6 months from green to pinkish-red, then are picked and sun dried for 4-5 days. Nigeria. Fortune Heights Farms Limited is a poultry and fish farming company in Nigeria. Constant temperature above 50 F (10 C) is essential; the optimum temperature for growing clove tree is around 70-85 F (20-30 C). Cloves can also be grown in heavier red soils, but in both cases, Clove plants require good drainage for better yield and quality. cucumber farming and processing business plan in nigeria. This amazing spice is loaded with multiple health benefits. The opened flowers are not valued as a spice. The use of herbal mixtures or local concoctions such as parboiled garlic cloves, lemon and … Nigeria has one of the world’s highest Rice consumption stat. He plans collaborating his agriculture, horticulture and farming knowledge into a subject of help to all those who wish grow crops, venture into farming or gardening. Pot watering is recommended to save the clove plantation in the initial stages. 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Fantastic article, but I wish it was printable, as I want to take this to my greenhouse to look at while caring for my young clove tree. The analgesic property of cloves. Passion Flower ₦ 5,160 Incl. if well manage it can raise Nigeria economy to a very high level. VAT Add to cart. There are many other benefits that clove can offer you. More info. At bedtime, put the clove into the vagina. READ ALSO: Mushroom farming in Nigeria - Guide to success . Re: Yoruba Name For Cloves And Parsley. Before planting separate bulbs into cloves retain the papery layer on each clove. Embrace modern farm practices and technology. United State is d number 1 exporter of food in the world. Clove. It has very good demand in local as well as in the international markets due to its health benefits some the clove health benefits are listed below: Grambu (Malayalam), Lavangam(Telugu), Lavanga (Kannada),  Laung (Hindi ), and  Marathi Moggu (Marathi). Parsley is all over northern Nigeria. is a growing Manufacturer Directory and B2B Marketplace connecting Global Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant Importers, Exporters, Suppliers, Traders and Manufacturers at … The fertilizers should be applied in 2 equal split doses in May to June and September to October in shallow trenches dug around the clove plant normally about 1to1½ meter away from the base. In the morning, remove the garlic clove and throw it in the toilet. Nigeria produces pepper, chili, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg and mace, cardamon, and cloves, among others. Very informative, thank you for writing this articl. 0903 821 3733, 0805 848 0461 . Learn more about clove tree and the history of the spice. Moringa leaves rank among the most nutritionally rich plant material in living existence on the planet. Clove plants Prefer partial shade as well.
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