No lie, but nail polish remover, bleach, vinegar cleaner, rubbing alcohol, etc., Couldn't get the red dye off of the walls and floor. We have had it for a week now & every day my 8 year old son & I run & jump into it!!!! Will more than likely stay in storage room. Your product will not look like the image. As soon as you open it you can see it growing and growing. Awesome!! Two adults can fit on this chair! It just looks like uneven shredded foam that they stuffed in there and charged an exorbitant amount. It's literally the size of Wisconsin. The only heads up I'd give is that the box it arrives in is heavy. Does tend to flatten out after uses but just turn it, toss it around a little bit and its back to normal! This is wonderful and you will not regret the purchase. Good price, good material, also very soft but keeps its form. I'm 5 foot 7 inches tall and weight about 194 lbs; this sack supports me with no problem. My furniture is Olive Green so we ordered a Orange color Bean bag. I would definitely recommend this item. The most comfortable seat in the house. Win win. At least I hope not. Above 6' diameters and the Chill Sack Lounger design are best for two people or those that prefer more room. I read this in the reviews and it was so mixed, I thought I’d give it a go anyways. We let it sit out for a week to let it ride and get softer without sitting in it. For example, you’ll find some chairs are empty on the inside. There is a slightly acidic smell of the cover. If you get one like the first I got, lucky you (and me x1). We use it mainly for lounging and watching TV. In addition, as I was decompressing the foam cube I found a large piece of sharp metal in with the foam. The whole family, including my 6 ft 200lb hubby have all been sitting in it. They’re huge and they’re the best on the market! The only negative I can possibly think of is that the chair is heavy but based on its size that should be expected. W e spent four weeks rigorously chilling, cuddling and sleeping on eight of the top-selling bean bag chairs on the market. It's big and fluffs up very easy. They know exactly what they’re doing. The Chill Sack 5 foot bean bag chair is made using high-quality, premium, fluffy and light shredded memory foam, quality zippers, and hand-picked fabrics to ensure maximum longevity and strength. Upon examining the cover for a California compliant tag to observe if the item was chemical coated for fire resistant property as it is mostly polyester based. I've always wanted a love sac but couldn't see myself spending hundreds of dollars on one...and this is the next best thing! I absolutely LOVE our new Chill Sacks. A truly spiritual experience. There is no doubt this is comfortable. It is perfect now! $239.28. first i was surprised the small box when arrived but not to worry, it fluffs out to a very large and sturdy bean bag i would say there is a intrinsic weight limit, don’t expect a 200+person to get the comfort and life out it like the kids will , that’s opinion not fact, but seems to be fair assessment and the photos are deceiving, it does not posture itself or retain and chair/lounge like structure, like the nice lady lounging around in the phots, it’s just a formless bean bag like any other, but that’s what i expected placed in our master bed room my kids absolutely love it for gaming, reading, watching TV, etc and keeps us together as a family at night, but out of our bed !! Very disappointed. Save your money for something a bit more expensive. It is absolutely terrible and a complete waste of $180. Wish it was thicker than it is. If it weren't so heavy and bulky after expands, I'd probably return it. Its still comfortable. So if you want to lay down on this bag, it's great. Their 5' diameter sack is the best reviewed and most popular size, and is ideal for individuals who are looking or a chair / recliner replacement. It says giant, but I still didn’t get how big a 5 foot beanbag chair would be. We let it fluff out and set for a few days, it looks nice but after sitting in it for a while he felt something poking him. ( No worries your giggle factor will increase each time). I didn't let anyone sit on it for the whole day because I was sure that would hamper its inflation but it was marvelous. I've always wanted a love sac but couldn't ... if you are going to risk purchasing this product, at least make sure you are not purchasing one of their experimental dyes. If a toddler is interested in Pokémon, they might want a bean bag that looks like Pikachu or Snorlax. These bean bags get solid reception from most customers, but there are some that had problems with these bean bags. Love it! Got this for our daughter (16) over a month ago. This is a huge beanbag and so comfortable and it doesn't give when you're sitting in it was pleasantly surprised of how big it is. I refuse to place the blame on UPS because the box is really heavy and for them to pack it using paper brown tape is just cheap! Once it fluffed up, it was gigantic! That being said, my daughter uses this bag up against a corner in her room and it fluffs up nicely. These were overstuffed for the photo shoot, no doubt. With nearly 800 5-star reviews, the Chill Sack Bean Bag has won over the hearts of customers with its size, comfort, and durability. The foam is in there right, but it's either not enough, or its not expanding. This is not a bean bag chair as these aren't beans - they're what whatever company sweeps up off the floor. It is quite large in our small space but its comfortable enough to be worth the space. I will be telling my different medical groups about this. Most companies won’t think to advertise this, but we know you’ll want to know just how oversized our bean bag chairs are before you make a purchase. Having had many different bean bag chairs in the 70's I was a little hesitant given the memories I have of bean bag chairs busting open and stuffing all over the house! Chill Sacks are ideal for those that are looking for a budget-friendly option, but are also not afraid of having some issues with sinking or sagging. We have three teenagers and two big dogs that also like to lie in it (and even play with it). See how it all works here. It arrived in a little vacuum-sealed cube and took a lot of effort and time to get it into the correct shape. They are super comfortable. When we opened the bag to see inside, we saw this. Buy it only if you have house at least 5000 sqft and huge rooms! Be patient. MFTEK Bean Bag Chair Cover Only, Large Washable Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag with Wash Bag, Without Bean Filling, 43.3''×43.3''×47.2''(Gray) It was so fun unzipping the black bag it comes condensed in. For a product that we paid $150, I expected a really plush, comfortable chair, but it felt nothing like that in all honesty. Update: I LOVE IT!!! Entering adulthood isn’t always fun, but you don’t have to leave behind all the best parts of being a child. I've had mine for 2 days and my bean bag is flat. You will basically be sitting on the floor. Definitely refluff it every once in a while to keep it full cause it takes the form of whoever sits on it. It looks flat. It has been put together and out of the package for two weeks already, and it is only half full. The Chill Sack Giant Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair is a good choice for one or two adults who want to relax while watching a movie. This is the second one I have purchased! Every night he has asked me if he can stay downstairs and sleep on it! The cover on this product is the most comfortable part about it. Has not measured up to the amount of money we paid for it and research we did beforehand. Overall our review of the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair emerged in a positive light. Good things come to those who wait :) It's set up in my gaming room and I love plopping down in this thing. When it loses shape, you just toss it on the other side and it’s back to same as the day we got it. Not an easy task. I'm not a huge fan of the microsuede. You'd have to buy several more bags of the memory foam chunks (at $30/bag) in order for it to look like the model. The zipper on the liner is fused so nothing can escape, and nothing can be added. I don't know if it's the type of fill or the quantity, but fairly disappointed. Another issue I worried about was whether the chair would expand enough. It's more like a giant mushy bed. The 5-foot memory foam bean bag is … Even after fluffing and puffing and pulling apart the big chunks of foam, it still leaves something to be desired. + FREE SHIPPING! My husband and I live in a studio apartment and this is the only piece of furniture that we own that doesn't convert into another use. The chair is not as good as it’s huge price tag. This is awesome! And it's a big hit in my Apt. Everyone loves this beanbag! I ordered another for my boys' room because it was so comfortable. It never really completely filled out either so it could probably use a filler bag of shredded foam but the kids love it so Im not going to complain. It takes quite a bit of maneuvering it around to get it fluffed up. I try to re-mold ours every couple of days so it doesn't get too flat. My wife and I use it for movie night because we can both fit on it quite comfortably. Rather than coming with micro-beads that are firmer to the touch, they are filled with shredded foam that melts away pressure points and squishes beneath pressure, while also being supportive enough not to sink in completely. No issues. I personally feel like it could use more foam as I sink most of the way to the floor when I sit on it. Would consider a better review if they would consider some customer service. This was a Christmas present for our 13 yr old son. Been expanding for 5 days and still not at full. Kids and dogs fight over it. These are perfect for the kids to use while we watch movies or they play games. We had no problems with the odor that some have mentioned when we unpacked the bag, though it was VERY difficult to unzip the container. Was in a real dark place as you can imagine. I bought this product and it arrived near the end of December. Great purchase! It took three people, and our hands and even our fingernails hurt for a few days after words. With these reviews and some of the best coupons and deals, you'll be able to learn more about which bean bag chairs will work for you and which ones you may want to avoid. If you put it against a wall or in a corner this effect is lessened, but it usually ends up more of a pancake than a sphere. Some were able to reconcile this with buying more fill, but others found that sagging was too much of an issue and were unable to get comfortable. Chill Sack is a popular bean bag chair brand that is sold on Amazon and other large retailers. I was super excited to get this and the reviews sounded promising. I awkwardly tackled it in attempt to slow the process. Because you have to break up the foam, you of course feel the foam all lumpy in the chair. Really big. I gave myself a few weeks to try this out to make sure that my feelings were real. Premium foam filled beanbags in a large selection of sizes and colors. COMFY FURNITURE COVER: Covered in a soft micro fiber material, the Chill Sack offers ultimate comfort and unmatched functionality. Customers find their Chill Sacks to be comfortable overall, but there are some customers that ran into perceived quality concerns -- with some reporting that they experienced flat products. He and his friends love lounging on it, watching their iPads and playing games, etc. The memory foam keeps expanding and it says allow 4-5 days for full expansion as you break up clumps, I have no doubt this will hold up and not crush like all the other bags I’ve had in the past. He actually love it more that the original, needless to say I was delighted. In about a week and half they fluffed up to match the product image. Bought this for my 13 year old son as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loves it! The smell was so bad no one but the dogs wanted to go near it for four weeks. You end up with a saggy, baggy creased sack in the corner of the room. It's one of the favorite sitting spots now and everyone loves it! That includes adult-size! But if you get one like I received today, maybe the dog will appreciate it. The bean bag is packed very tightly (had to be under extreme pressure) into the shipping container and the plastic liner around the bag kept getting caught in the zipper. The other 3 do. Because of this and the nature of the foam within, we've put them towards the squishier side versus traditional bean bag designs that feature solid micro-beads. The Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair features a microfiber protective liner with a child safety zipper that keeps the filling out of reach from little hands when you remove the cover for replacement or wash. I cringe at the thought of the injury this 12-inch piece of sharp metal could have caused if I hadn't found it. 3.) It's honestly SO comfortable Ive already taking several naps on it and even slept through the night once on it. It is double stitched and is made from a micro-suede fiber which can last the test of time. The outer covering is very soft, the memory foam is good, though it should be re-fluffed probably every day. Consider the chair’s functionality. What Customers Say: Although there are positive reviews about these bean bag chairs overall, there are some caveats reported by customers. Ordered this for Christmas. one thing to keep in mind is: IT IS A BEAN BAG so if you have a problem getting to your feet you will have to roll off. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Extremely well made. Incredibly comfortable and highly functional, this sofa is a perfect complement to any decor. I expected more considering the amount I paid. As it turns out, over a month later, the smell remains. I got a dud. This chill sack is super comfortable, and very good quality. While the end result does not look quite like the picture in terms of fullness, it is about 30" high and 5' in diameter. Also synthetic fur or 'pebble' options are available for an extra fee in some sizes. I don’t know what to do with mine, you can’t return them because you won’t be able to make them small to put in the box. There’s a reason large bean bag chairs are so big. I need to return it, but the thing is I don't know how to get it back into a huge box to go back via UPS. Let me tell you I did painstaking research about which bean bag I wanted to get. My only complaint is that the sack seems to be a little too big for the stuffing. I read in other reviews that it was important to do this immediately, so I did. If u we're expecting to jump into it and sit .... Don't! You're not nearly as far off the ground as the picture either. I received this and was leary. Seriously my daughter's favorite purchase for her new apartment. The assembler also experienced a bloody nose the morning following the evening assembly of the chair. 5. I'm sitting on it as I write this review, and it hugs me in all the right places. A great, inexpensive alternative to the expensive brand sold in malls. I love it, the kids love it and I'm seriously considering another for the sunroom. I got this for my daughter’s birthday; it’s very disappointing. I hesitated to purchase this based on a few reviews where the memory foam didn't fluff up as much, however, we did not experience this at all. I highly recommend the Ultra Fur cover. Contacted support, but they were less than helpful (which is unusual). But my kids love it! I am 5'1" 135lbs female. I'm changing the rating because our chair is now full and comfortable!! Emailed the company pictures in hopes of a replacement and they did not respond. I bought this for my daughter for her 13th birthday. Takes some time to fill out. We opened the filling and found several pieces of plastic. Do not expect this item to look as full as it looks in the picture. Perfect! I did buy a pack of extra stuffing and that is because teenage boys throw themselves on it! Maybe I got a bad one. On our last order we had an issue with the shipping, however the customer service people at GT Gifts responded quickly and fixed the issue without any fuss. I will be looking into getting more stuffing. That bag was old and torn but the memory foam was surprisingly still good so we added some to our purchase. It does take a few days to form and when it's huge! If you are seriously looking to get a memory foam bean bag chair, don’t look at this brand. Initial drawbacks were that it took over three weeks to inflate even though we were turning and tossing it several times a day. After almost a year of having it all I can say is.. Buy it! It took 4 days to really expand and get to the point where it could be molded. The covers washes up super easily. There are way too many options out there, the reviews for most are mixed at best, and some of the prices are absolutely ridiculous. We just received the extra foam today, installed it and we could really tell a difference in the support. When it first arrived I had to roll the box into the house as its too heavy and awkward for one person to safely/comfortably lift. Can't believe they charge this much for a product of this quality. Way too much money for the size it is. I don't sink to the floor though, so it's pretty comfy. It's not uncomfortable, but it is hard to get up from. The amount of compression between when it's fully fluffed and when you sit on it is crazy. How many pounds did it take you to get up to par? The cover that arrived was not the one we ordered, but the seller was excellent. The purple furry cover is exactly what we wanted. The only down side is you have to fluff it up every couple hours but you shouldn't be on your ass that long either. And big enough for two to hang out together. I will be ordering another one of these!! I might order the extra foam. We got this for our kids for Christmas and they love it- so does the dog( see picture 1) This thing is so big that my 18 year old, 15 year old, 10 year old and 40 lb basset/beagle hound are all able to sit on it at the same time (see picture two) it literally takes up the same amount of space as our lazy boy recliner does. To fluff it up u just rotate it , kick it, and jump on it. I had been on the fence for a few years about committing to a 5 foot bean bag chair. My husband 6'4 myself 5'4 fit comfortable on it together. College students need a place for friends and boyfriends or girlfriends to hang out in their dorm. One of the most depressing losses I had due to the recent hurricane. It easily fits my 9 y/o son and my 11 y/o daughter together. It is not the most comfy thing to lounge on due to this. Still, I stuck by it, and I'm glad I did. There is not enough fill included to make it as puffy as the picture. It really is a great deal and very good quality materials. Next thing I know the next day it was twice it's size! If you're even considering buying a bean bag, you should buy this one right away. I purchased this chair for my kids to have a comfy spot to read. Overall, this thing is great. Now on day 3 i think it's fuller. The picture is waaaay off though. Initially, we thought that the memory foam would expand within the next 2-4 days upon receiving the item and make the bean bag chair comfortable given that the foam would be distributed evenly throughout. Giving it 4 stars though because the bags are a bit heavy and we have to roll them around and fluff them each day or the foam will crush down and become uncomfortable. I used this bean bag for a few months now and I think it is a great product. Good for lying on, less good for attempting to sit up in. Needs more filling material. You have to "fluff" it to get it to where you're not practically sitting on the floor. It is heavy hard to move though.... Having owned this now since June, I can homestly say this is one of the most fun items purchased for our home. I do think it will last me a really long time . Ordering a different chair to make up for the loss. But if you want to sit up with some back support, you may have to spend a little more money. Fully "floofed"in 24 hours. I didn't want something so small it wasn't worth it either. It was a gift for my grandson. I put it in my living room ... the reviews for most are mixed at best, and some of the prices are absolutely ridiculous. We didn't think about how putting the cover on while it rising would affect it. My advice, find a different chair. Others seem to like it. Chill Sack is a popular bean bag chair brand that is sold on Amazon and other large retailers. I have purchased a 3FT one and a 5FT one. They are seriously comfortable!! It’s really comfortable and it’s exactly what they wanted for a gaming chair. I like the 3 foot bean bag better. Shipping took a bit, but that would be my only complaint. You do have to feel around the liner for large pieces of foam and rip them apart for it to expand to its full size. So comfy and big! If we had the space, we'd get another that's for sure! Customer service is very good and responsive. Ever. My guests go straight to it as its a great conversation starter. What college student doesn’t have money on their mind? Comfortable, but after hours of fluffing, it's nowhere near as full as the photos look. She does her homework in it almost every night. The product is also lumpy and not entirely comfortable. I have pulled apart the material as instructed and allowed a few days for it to expand. It is a must have when in pain and you can't handle being touched! The cover seems well made and durable and might give it a 5 star rating if it had enough stuffing. I followed the instructions and put it in the cover and tried mushing it, rolling it, sitting on it etc as it kept growing and growing and growing. The memory foam chunks inside are like the dregs that are left from a massacre in a Big Lots furniture isle. Outside Material Options: Each Chill Sack has 8 - 25 different color options to choose from. What we do is to periodically flip the chair and shake it to fluff it prior to the next use. Would recommend for sure. My 5 year old was even more excited. The product was shrink wrapped & covered in layers of fiber tape. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Huge 6′ Memory Foam Furniture Bag and Large Lounger – Big Sofa with Soft Microfiber Cover – Brown Pebble I flip it once every so often just to rearrange the foam blocks inside/reshape the bag. Comfy enough to curl up and take a nap in. My husband loves sleeping on it; good for back sleepers I guess. I love how comfy it is. (We also own a 5 foot Love Sac with a slightly nicer cover but value for money these win easily). It looks good after I fluff it up but flattens out pretty quick. It can even be used to do some light laptop work. Great product, my husband loves it so much he wants to get rid of the sofa and replace it with more of these! This is very comfortable though and i like that I can unzip and wash the cover. The Tuft & Needle bean bag chair is filled with their signature adaptive foam that should provide an even more comfortable experience than the Chill Sack. But the size of this thing is too much for our house! I waited up to 4 days for the foam to rise like the directions said, but even after a week I could feel the floor where I sat. I even put it outside for a week to see if it would go away -- it didn't. Some customers note that the filling is understuffed in some circumstances, but that buying the extra stuffing accessory is a good solution for better long term support. It’s big! The “memory” foam mix filling is made up of large-odd shaped chunks of a very firm (uncomfortable) foam. I wouldn't recommend using this to sleep on for any longer than a nap, but it's great as a chill place in your living area. It is absolutely terrible and a complete waste of $180. The box that came was super heavy. The only advice I have is to be prepared to fight for it, because everyone want to sit in it. The sad part is that i loved my first one was so awesome that we ordered a 2nd. He uses it for naps throughout the day and it works great. I wasn't thrilled about spending so much on a bean bag chair but after it arrived I soon realized why it cost so much. For kids, bean bag chairs are fun and different than the average chair. I actually cut my hand on a piece of plastic that I took out of the foam pieces inside. Once we removed the packaging, and followed the instructions, everything looked like it should. I bought extra foam just in case it would need it but it absolutely didn't. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Huge 7.5′ Memory Foam Furniture Bag and Large Lounger – Big Sofa with Soft Micro Fiber Cover – Charcoal 9. Toss it in your barn, den, or living room, and listen for the tell-tale shouts of, “I call the bean bag chair!” I'm a 200 lb male and can sit in it without hitting the floor which is good, and the kids absolutely love it! Perfect size and a true red. Stay alway!!! Not half as big as the picture shows. I've taken the best naps on it and frankly, I wish I could just sit on it all day long. However, it is very flat, and you just sink to the floor. Overall, very pleased with the product and only a fraction the price of the lovesac brand chairs Edit: Included a day 4 Picture. That kind of contamination should NEVER happen. I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because the cover is nice. It's not uncomfortable, but something with a bit thicker and softer would be nice. It was a lot of work to separate the foam but worth. If you want to share with someone else then go larger. I absolutely love it. Lumaland stood out because of its shredded foam filling and quality microsuede cover. My over 6-foot tall husband uses it daily for gaming. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 6' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag - Big Sofa with Soft Micro Fiber Cover, Purple Furry 4.2 out of 5 stars 373. It is so hard to move to sweep under to clean. It took a few times to get used to getting out of it because...well...we are not 20 year old anymore. I settled on this brand based on the reviews, price, and free shipping. The dark grey is a beautiful neutral color. In reality, it just feels like a bunch of lumps of garbage foam that condense to one end leaving me sitting about 6 inches off the ground.
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